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Insurance, banking and transportation systems

Some government  insurance companies, including Iran, Alborz, Asia and Dana and some private insurance companies including the Melat , Sina, Pasargadae, Day and  etc. are working  in the form of branches and  Agents in Lorestan Province. In 2019, the  insurance premium received by the insurance companies in the province  was 1005 billion rials. In the same year, 1043 billion rials was paid  as compensation by the same insurance companies

Banking system

The loans granted by government-run banks by the end of fiscal year of 2019 amounted to 67,871 billion rials and the total people’s deposit account  amounted to 57,247 billion rials. According to the latest statistics, there are 371 Automated Telling Machines (ATM) in the cities and villages of Loresatn Province.

Roads and transportation.

Lorestan Province is located on the north-south  transit route, neighboring  industrial and border cities and has a strategic position. By the end of 1392, a total length of the roads in Lorestan Province was 6929 km, including 262 km of four-lane road, 1036 km of main roads, 590 km of secondary roads, 3789 km of rural road, 1252 km of rural road. It is important to say that Khoramabad-Bourojerd highway is under construction.

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